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Managing high growth
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If you are considering high growth or are indeed in that phase but having difficulty managing growth over a longer term, you will have already identified that there is not as much support out there as you might have thought.  The special conditions of a high growth environment put considerable pressure on all parts of the business, and it will expose whatever weaknesses you have in your strategy and organisation.


The chart describes the high growth problem and what happens all too frequently during  period of high growth. That is typically after a year of rapid sales growth the organisation unable to keep up, creates unmanageable stresses on the business. This often results in failure of many of the key business processes. As a result there is a period of readjustment resulting in low or even negative growth for the next 18 month to 2 years before substantial growth resumes again (blue line). This is extremely stressful for businesses owners and often results in management subsequently backing away from pursuing high growth in the future because of the difficulties they experienced.  A recent report on high growth businesses estimated that at least 40% of all high growth businesses experience a period of contraction immediately after.

By pursing a more controlled approach to growth (red line) you can maintain its consistency and consequently become a larger business more quickly and with much less stress.

Our carefully tailored programme explains the issues specific to the high growth environment and shows how you can, by meeting these challenges, successfully manage your high growth business.

The High Growth Challenge

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