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Managing high growth
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As an owner of a high growth business or a business embarking on high growth you will have likely already faced these problems. Whilst they are found in businesses of all types these problems are more common and more acute in high growth businesses.

Typical problems you are likely to experience in a high growth business:

There is never enough time to fix a problem before the next one is on you.

You are working harder now but making less money

You have plenty of ideas but never find the time to implement them

Customer complaints have increased

Staff morale is on the slide as problems and workloads increase with no end in sight

Your management team is not working together effectively

You can’t seem to recruit the right staff and skills shortages are hurting you

Your systems can’t support your business growth

Your systems don’t provide the information you need

Winning new business is going well but delivery is becoming increasingly difficult

Sales are up, but problems are up also and profits have all but disappeared

There doesn’t appear to be a way out

Our unique support programme is based on the knowledge gained whilst operating at senior manager and director level in a business which experienced a decade of continuous profitable growth of 30%+pa. It explains how and why these high growth problems arise, and more importantly offers practical advice on solving them to create a high growth persistent business.

Our programme will show you how you can build a growth persistent organisation, by connecting planning across the business with outside influences. In this way you can predict more accurately where the problems are likely to hit your business next and get you to focus on the necessary corrective action to deal with the problem in its early stages.

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