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Managing high growth
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“We took quite a long time to ensure we found the right business coach and mentor to support the growth demands of our consultancy business at Shapecast. We were referred to Laurence by the government's Growth Accelerator scheme and we've been working with Laurence now for around six months.

Laurence listened carefully and rapidly developed a good understanding of our challenges. Within a very short space of time, Laurence was giving very practical, hands-on advice that has had a highly positive impact on the way we work across a wide range of the business.

We've only really started our journey, but I can't recommend Laurence highly enough. He's fun to work with, insightful and really transformational for business owners with big ambitions and challenges.”  Will Barnett

“I was sceptical about the value of this programme as I have seen so many similar deliver only generic benefits under the guise of specialist expertise, that anyone could read out of a book. However, in 15 minutes, Exigent had diagnosed my condition with alarming accuracy and it was immediately clear that they had real and extensive expertise in the issues and challenges of running a High Growth business.” James Magee

“This course has provided a clear route map to meeting the challenges of my rapidly expanding business. I mistakenly held the opinion that such courses were fine in principle but lacked practical application. This has certainly not been the case with the course presented by Laurence. I would highly recommend this course to any business owner who is suffering from growing pains.’Mark Fryza

"Laurence's experience and insights into business practice has given me the tools and confidence I need to move my business onto the next level. Growing your business isn't just about hard graft, it's about playing the game with the right strategy, tactics, mindset and knowing when to play hard ball!" Kerry Richards

“Laurence has been absolutely key to the success our business has enjoyed over these past 6 years.”  Nick Hume

“This course gave me the key elements to focus on in my own expanding business, in a clear, concise way.”       And

“The session on planning has revolutionised the way I manage and measure business performance. Using the single page plan tool to monitor monthly progress, has resulted in shorter more focused management meetings and has enabled us to drive growth in a way that would have been impossible before.”

Trevor Langley

“Laurence has been my business coach for 2.5 years and we meet regularly to review my business results and planning for the next quarter. Laurence always challenges my thinking and plans, questions why I am taking the actions and the reasoning behind it. I have found this probing extremely useful and has led to better decision making. Laurence also adds a new dimension to my business and fresh thinking which has been an asset to me and my business.”  Tony Kensington

“Laurence has supported us in several ways over the years and he is the person we turn to first when we need an independent view. He has provided sales and marketing training and management, leadership and management training for our internal promotions, and networking/support opportunities. Always professional and easy to work with.”  

Fiona Bailey

“My experience in business is that if you concentrate what makes your company tick, what you are good at, and work with an experienced mentor like Laurence success will come. Laurence helped guide our company through the “business stuff” while we concentrated on what we were good at, and what was driving the business forward.  You won’t regret getting Laurence on board, I can personally vouch for the positive difference that his advice made to our business.” Luke Barlow

“Since we first asked Laurence to come on board as an advisor, his input has led to significant financial and operational improvements in the company. His ability to view the business from alternative perspectives and see through problems has been invaluable to us, and his reassuring approach and obvious care for his clients is evident throughout. If you need help getting out of a difficult situation, or hands-on assistance with driving your business forward, then Laurence should be top of your list.”  Gary Baker

"I’ve been coached, every quarter, by Laurence for 5 years. First, and foremost, he’s a great listener and always empathetic. Laurence also has a wealth of business experience, particularly in rapid-growth situations, and his insights are always invaluable. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Laurence as an outstanding business coach."  Guy Fallows

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